Strategic corporate leadership

    Consultancy to SME Entrepreneurs

  • The boss knows everything - but who can he ask? Argumentative coaching expands horizons and possibilities
  • Score in the world market and exploit growth opportunities through international partnerships


  • Time to market - the faster you transfer a product idea into a sellable product, the higher the income to be achieved
  • With access to the right patents and partnerships you plant new business fields - far more lucrative than in fields that are past their zenith

    Business Succession

  • For many companies the transition to a second generation management turns out to be a breaking point, which can be avoided by intelligent consultancy
  • As a basic rule: The earlier you start thinking about it, the better. This is the only way to find the best process and the right timing

    Strategic Product Placement

  • A market is created by a product that hits the core of a need and provides a perfect solution
  • By proper timing and stringent addressing of the target group you exploit and develop the full potential of your products